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A comic strip about a guy who thinks he's a Greek philosopher but is actually an inmate in an insane asylum.

Supreme House Stuff
Supreme House is the guest house I stay at in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Enjoy the paraphernalia I've made to honor its special brand of general hospitality.
Big Lebowski T-Shirts
Sometimes there's a man. And sometimes there's a T-shirt as well. Show your support for the greatest story ever blathered. Say what you will, at least it's an ethos.

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Animated Greeting Cards
I made these years ago for my friend Dave's former internet company, Virtual Vegas. They're pretty cheesy. Feel free to send them to your friends. Everybody loves cheese.
FonTok Font - Looks like Thai but uses western characters
Now you can read and write Thai! Not really. But you can pretend to almost fake it!
Dan Vinci Font - Write Secret Messages!
Based on the font featured in The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, this typeface allows you to print secret backwards messages. Start a conspiracy! Take over the power structure! Or just send a love letter across the room.