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Animated Greeting Cards
I made these years back for my friend's company which was sold to a big conglomerate for bazillions of dollars. I doubt they're using these ridiculous little cards any more so I'll put them up for anyone who wants to send them to a friend. They're mostly harmless, a little sappy and maybe utterly inappropriate. But they're free and cheesy, just like love itself.

Whe the card appears, right-click on the image, choose "save picture as" and save it on your hard drive. Then email it to a friend as an attachment.
C A R D S :
New Year's Dog Card
New Year's Y2K Card
Valentine's Day Card 1
Valentine's Day Card 2
(Un)Valentine's Day Card
Easter Card 1
Easter Card 2
St. Patrick's Day Card 1
St. Patrick's Day Card 2
Mother's Day Card 1
Mother's Day Card 2
Mother's Day Card 3
Mother's Day Card 4
Father's Day Card 1
Father's Day Card 2
Father's Day Card 3
Father's Day Card 4
Thanksgiving Card

  This Bush one
  was not made
  for the company.