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A Dictionary of Dudeisms, Walturns of phrase and Donnidioms. The parlance of our times. Intended as your answer for everything. Tattoo them on your forehead.

Grateful thanks to the forum at www.lebowskifest.com, and its members, from which and whom a great deal of this content was harvested.

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Private residence = House/apartment/etc

Oat soda = Beer

Dinged up = Damaged

Gotta feed the Monkey = 1) Got to go to work. 2) Got to get some money.

Shabbas, Shabbos = Saturday

Monty = 1) Landlord. 2) Rent

Out of your element = You have no idea what is going on so you might as well not talk.

That's marvelous = That's not marvelous.

Stonewalling = When someone refuses to speak of events that you are questioning about.

The god damn plane has crashed into the mountain = A catastrophe

Special Lady = girlfriend

Lady friend = a woman you are having sex with

The physical act of love = sex

Eight year olds, Dude = a pervert

Over the line! = breaking the rules

This is a league game = you have to follow the rules

You are entering a world of pain = a serious warning

A Swiss fuckin' watch = 1) A well crafted plan. 2) A poorly-crafted plan (sarcastic)

Beaver picture = porn film

Dick Rod Johnson = male genitals

Careful man, there's a beverage here = Exclamation to indicate someone is being too rough.

Garden party = A sleazy, outrageous, no-holds-barred bash.

That creep can roll = used to indicate proficiency.

Finishing my coffee = indicates one's determination to see an activity through to its end no matter what.

Forget about the fucking toe! = I would rather not discuss the matter any further.

Larry Sellers = A brat

This guy walks = A person is lying

Don't Say Peep = Be quiet

Mark It = Acknowledge one's success.

Mark it Zero = Acknowledge one's failure.

Did I urinate on your rug? = I don't see how any of this relates to me.

Busting my friggin aggets= being a pain in my ass

Obviously you're not a golfer = You are not getting the point

What are you? A fuckin park ranger? = You are being pedantic about an unimportant topic.

Take that hill = Let's do this.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus = Nobody fucks with me.

Liam and me, We're gonna fuck you up = My friend and I are gonna beat you.

Chinaman = Asian-American

Undude = Not calm.

Whites = underwear

A lotta ins, a lotta outs = too much going on

Nomenclature = name, title

Roll Out Naked = unprepared

Thurrah = physically invasive

The world doesn't start and stop at your convenience, you miserable piece of shit = used to reference a person out of earshot who expects too much.

Lingonberry pancakes = I'll have what he's having

Worthy fuckin' adversary = someone/something deserving one's respect

This affects all of us! = I am the only one who cares

Tattoo it on your forehead = Go ahead and take a stand for a pointless cause.

Those are good burgers, Dude = Used to agree about a chosen location to dine.

What's wrong with Walter, Dude? = That person is overreacting/flying off the handle

Of course you do = you just said something that makes you sound lame, so I'll just let it lie

I am the walrus = I have just misinterpreted something you said

Well, there's not a literal connection = There's no connection

Very free-spirited = a slut

We're all very fond of her/him = not happy with someone's behavior.

Shomer Shabbas = I am repeating myself for emphasis

The chinaman is not the issue here =You are barking up the wrong tree.

I can get you a toe = I can handle this seemingly impossible challenge with ease. Followed by "With nail polish" to further downplay the task's difficulty.

Just cause we're bereaved doesn't make us saps! = you're not taking advantage of us

Phone's ringing dude = anytime anything rings, beeps, or buzzes anywhere

That's fucking interesting man = an idea with merit

I'm throwing rocks tonight = I'm on a winning streak

This contravenes a number of league bylaws = This changes everything.

Business papers = used when asked about information you do not what to disclose. Also can be used in reference to rolling papers.

What have you = etc.

I'm a brother shamus!= i'm with you man

Not the rug, man = You've destroyed something of value to me.

Joo said it, mang = I agree with your opinion.

What in God's name are you blathering about? = I don't understand.

That must be exhausting = Used when someone tells you what philosophical/religious system they belong to.

Bummer man. That's a bummer. = Term of commiseration.

Micturate = urinate.

This aggression will not stand = You've got to do something about this.

It really ties the room together = I like it.

Don't be fatuous = Don't be stupid.

Bones, clams = Money.

That had not occurred to us, Dude = I hadn't thought of that.

Cleft asshole = Annoying weirdo.

Helluva caucasian = Strong drink.

Thankie = Thank you.

See you further on up the trail = Bye.

Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you = Oh well.

A smarter feller than myself once said = Used before quoting anything.

Gotta keep my mind limber = Said before indulging in any drug or alcohol.

Doesn't anyone around here give a shit about the rules? = Exlamation for when things get really out of hand. Not necessarily meant negatively.

Human Paraquat = A mean and selfish person.

Man in the Black Pajamas = Death.

Draw a line in the sand = Refuse to be taken advantage of.

Yeah well, that's just, ya know, like, your opinion, man = You're welcome to your viewpoint.

Strikes and gutters = you win some, you lose some.

New shit has come to light, man = you are operating on old information.

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