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N O V E L S  - Download for Free!  Three full length outrageous epics

Do you like books by Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, or Thomas Pynchon? That is, weird and wacky epics with lots of ideas, strange characters and bizarre situations? Then you're bound to dig the three novels below.

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Trying to stay in focus at Salvador's Cafe in Dali, China.

Big American
(1993, 248 pp.)
Holy Shit!
(1997, 247 pp.)
(2004, 422 pp.)
A travel tale of life and death and the sticky stuff in between. It's hard to find a purpose in life when you're wasted all the time, but in this case, the fate of the world depends on it. The Gods come back to pass judgment on mankind but no one believes they're on the level. The apocalypse must be repackaged, and in the end armageddon is done as a game-show on TV. The owner of the last independent coffeehouse in L.A. must sell something stronger than coffee if he's going to beat the big franchises. But when he discovers the fruit from the biblical tree of life in Ethiopia, all limbo breaks loose.
J O U R N A L I S M - What a worderful world

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N O N - F I C T I O N - It really happened

The Outsider's Guide to Thailand
(2006, 252 pp., with color photography)
An outsider's look at Thailand, full of all the wacky misunderstandings that you might expect, and some you wouldn't. Featuring quirky photography from my travels over the sands of time, and the occasional tropical beach. The only book of mine that's not free because so far it's the only one properly published! (Sorry!)

Five Minutes to Yoga
(1996, 9 pp.)
The world's slenderest book on Yoga. Reach enlightenment in 9 pages or your money back!
S C R E E N P L A Y S - Movies and short films

The God Squad (1998, 120 pp.)
An adaptation of my novel "Holy Shit" into screen form. Only loosely based on the book. Wackier and more blasphemous, if that's even possible.
Download The God Squad Screenplay now

Nice Illusion (2001, 25 pp.)
Written with my friend Jon Grode. We wrote this in two days and made a film out of it in a couple of weeks for fifty bucks. About two travelers in Thailand, one a pious Buddhist, the other a sleazy hedonist. Guess which one gets screwed in the end?
Download Nice Illusion Screenplay now         See the Finished Movie             

P O E T R Y - Selected from my novels and elsewhere

All Poems


        Brave Blue
        Amazon Women

        The Queen of Sheba
        The Asian Mariner
        Letting it Leak
        There You Are


        Home is Where the Heartbreak Is


        Free Vs.
        Atlas & Demeter
        Make a Monkey Out of Me
        Slapped Serious

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