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No Strings Attached. Just email a picture of your palm!
Just email a clear picture of your writing palm, plus your age and gender, and ONE QUESTION. Dennis will send you back his answer to your question. For legal reasons, he won't answer anything about your love life. Also, you must be 18 or over. Please put the word "palm" in the subject heading of your email.

Either take a digital photo, scan a regular photo or scan a photocopy of your hand. Please make sure that the lines in your hand show up clearly in the image.

Send your image to
my email with the subject heading "FOR DENNIS" and I'll forward it to him. Image should be in jpeg format, and about 500k (half a megabyte). Anything in other formats or bigger sizes will not be forwarded to Dennis. Minimum size must be 800x600 pixels.

Reply time can be between a few days and a few weeks. Please be patient! Dennis's services are in high demand.

Dennis in his
wilder days

Dennis S. Gillman
Master of Palmistry

Dennis is like no other palmist you've ever met. First, he's not interested in your money. He just wants to be "the best (expletive) palm reader in the world, man." To that end, he's studied with the foremost palm readers in Asia, even challenging some purported experts to palmreading duels of honor. But no one can beat this incredible lineman. The man of the hand. And no one can beat his prices: FREE.

has given free palm readings to hundreds of people all over Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, China, India and Laos. Never once has he charged a penny. And always people are amazed by his ability to see into their souls by "reading between the lines." Incorporating his vast knowledge of C.G. Jung, Alan Watts andPhilip K. Dick, Dennis is able to read the story behind the lines and tell you how those storylines are the fabric of your life.

Dennis doesn't look or sound like a typical palmreader. That's because he isn't: he cares about the palm, not the jewelry that goes around it.

Dennis lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he is hard at work writing the continuing saga of Patty and Woo, metaphysical detectives.